1. RoboClip - Bouncin {Synaesthetik Remix}

    RoboCLIP’s much awaited remix EP dropped today. Synaesthetik just so happens to be featured on it. Here’s the contribution. This will also appear on my upcoming EP, “Airborne.”


  2. Flood


  3. Airborne Featured on YourEDM.com


  4. Airborne


  5. Cloud Cover


  6. Chromograph on Spotify

    Would you look at that. Chromograph is on Spotify.



  7. Chromograph Now Available On iTunes

    Exciting news! My latest release, Chromograph, has passed all of it’s digital distribution requirements and is now available on iTunes! Stay tuned for a release on Spotify, Beatport, Amazon, Google Play, etc. These ones seem to take a little longer, but should be within the next week or two. For now, check out the itunes release here: 



  8. Chromograph


  9. Synaesthetik Releases Now Available on Bandcamp

    Check out the new Bandcamp.com page by clicking Releases up in the navigation menu at the top! All Synaesthetik tracks can be purchased for whatever price you see fit. 

    Look out for the next release, “Chromograph,” coming around mid June!


  10. Seafoam


  11. Maroon


  12. Amalgam


  13. Silver


  14. Turquoise

  15. Album artwork for “The Glow”